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TitleObtaining a class of type N pure radiation metrics using invariant operators
Author(s)Ramos, M. P. Machado
Edgar, S. Brian
KeywordsInvariant differential operators
Pure radiation metrics
Issue date7-Mar-2005
PublisherIOP Publishing
JournalClassical Quantum Gravity
Citation"Classical Quantum Gravity". ISSN 0264-9381. 22:5 (2005) 791-802.
Abstract(s)We develop further the integration procedure in the generalised invariant formalism, and demonstrate its efficiency by obtaining a class of Petrov type N pure radiation metrics without any explicit integration, and with comparatively little detailed calculations. The method is similar to the one exploited by Edgar and Vickers when deriving the general conformally flat pure radiation metric. A major addition to the technique is the introduction of non-intrinsic elements in generalised invariant formalism, which can be exploited to keep calculations manageable.
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AccessOpen access
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