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TitleAgreement and Disagreement on Emotional and Behavioral Problems in a Sample of Preschool-Age Children
Author(s)Carneiro, Alexandra
Dias, Pedro
Pinto, Raquel
Baião, Rita Isabel Curto
Mesquita, Ana Raquel Marcelino
Soares, Isabel
KeywordsEmotional problems
Behavioral problems
Cross-informant agreement
Informant disagreement
Issue date2019
PublisherSAGE Publications
JournalJournal of Psychoeducational Assessment
CitationCarneiro, A., Dias, P., Pinto, R., Baião, R., Mesquita, A., & Soares, I. (2017). Agreement and Disagreement on Emotional and Behavioral Problems in a Sample of Preschool-Age Children. Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment, 0734282917736392.
Abstract(s)The present study aimed to identify predictors of agreement and disagreement concerning emotional and behavioral problems reported by the mothers and teachers of preschool-aged children. Participants included 172 (89 boys) children, their mothers, and their preschool teachers. Mothers were asked to complete the Child Behavior Checklist for Ages 1½-5 (CBCL 1½-5), the Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI), and a sociodemographic questionnaire, and were observed engaging in an interactive task with their child. Preschool teachers completed the Caregiver Teacher Report Form for Ages 1½-5 (CTRF). The results show low cross-informant agreement. None of the studied variables predicted cross-informant agreement; however, maternal psychopathology and the presence of an assistant in the classroom were predictors of disagreement between mothers and teachers. Although these results highlight the influence of maternal and school context variables on the disagreement among informants’ reports on the emotional and behavioral problems of preschool-aged children, additional research in this field is needed
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