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TitlePrevalence and incidence of pressure ulcers in self-care dependents followed by the National Network of Integrated Continuous Care in Portugal
Author(s)Pereira, Rui Pedro Gomes
Cainé, João
Machado, Maria Manuela Pereira
Petronilho, Fernando
KeywordsPressure Ulcers
Prevalence & Incidence
National Network of Integrated Continuous Care
Issue date2018
Abstract(s)Aim: The self-care dependency condition is often associated with the occurrence of pressure ulcers (PU). In this study, we intend to know and determine the prevalence rate and incidence of PU in dependent patients monitored by the National Network of Integrated Continuous Care (NNICC). Method: Descriptive, cross-sectional and exploratory study, with a sample of 891 self-care dependents followed by the NNICC selected in a one-year data collection period. Of the total sample, 601 cases were submitted to two independent evaluation moments: admission and clinical discharge. Results / Discussion: The mean age of dependents is 76.7 years (SD = 11.61). The majority are female (56.6%). The prevalence rate of PU on admission is 16%. Most presented more than one PU distributed by the following regions: sacred (58%); trochanteric (37.8%); calcaneal (31.5%); malleolus (20.3%); elbows (9.8%) and occipital (7.7%). The incidence rate of PU was 1.7%. Of the 601 cases that had clinical discharge, 7% maintained PU during hospitalization. Still in this period of internment, 1.7% acquired PU. Despite this being a population of elderly, vulnerable dependents, with a significant mean time of dependence, the prevalence rate of PU was high (16%). Regarding the incidence rate, although low, it seems to us also significant (1.7%) in relation to the associated costs and the decrease in comfort and quality of life. Conclusion: These results should support a broad reflection of the health professionals in order to implement better caring practices, capable of promoting the improvement in the health condition of the dependent people.
AccessOpen access
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