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TitleTeaching science in primary school through an interdisciplinary approach: a classroom case study
Author(s)Varela, Paulo Idalino Balça
Moreira, Ana
Martins, Vitor
KeywordsInquiry activity
Interdisciplinary approach
Science teaching
Issue date2017
JournalRevista Conexão Ciência
CitationVarela, P., Moreira, A. & Martins, V. (2017). Teaching science in primary school through an interdisciplinary approach: a classroom case study. Revista Conexão Ciência, (12)2, 341-347.
Abstract(s)The way in which, traditionally, sciences have been taught in primary school has not allowed for the integrated use and development of the knowledge and skills acquired in the different curriculum areas. Therefore, it is necessary to promote a science teaching and learning process that encourages and enables the use of that knowledge in the context of different situations that are meaningful and relevant for children. With this goal in mind, this article seeks to illustrate, through the analysis of the process of exploration of the activity "Do snails prefer cabbage or lettuce?", which was conducted with a class of the 4th year of primary school, that research-based science activities enhance the integrated and meaningful use and development of knowledge and skills from other curricular areas, especially language and mathematics.
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