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TitleTraffic risk behaviour: an observational study of drivers’ behaviour in Braga (Portugal)
Other titlesComportamiento de riesgo vial: un estudio observacional del comportamiento de los conductores en Braga (Portugal)
Author(s)Faria, Adriana
Matos, Ana Rita
Rocha, V.
Rodrigues, Lucinda
Araújo, A.
Magalhães, Patrícia Andreia Costa
Barroso, Davide
Samorinha, Ana Catarina Carvalho
Precioso, José
KeywordsSmoking prevention
Traffic risk behaviour
Issue date2018
PublisherElsevier España
JournalGaceta Sanitaria
CitationFaria A, et al. Traffic risk behaviour: an observational study of drivers’ behaviour in Braga (Portugal). Gac Sanit. 2017.
Abstract(s)An observational study was conducted to determine the prevalence of drivers who smoke in the car and use the mobile phone. Higher percentages of drivers smoke and use the mobile phone while driving. Authorities should be more committed to controlling these driving behaviors.
TypeLetter to the editor
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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