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TitleOn the periodic orbits, shadowing and strong transitivity of continuous flows
Author(s)Bessa, Mário
Torres, M. J.
Varandas, Paulo
KeywordsGluing orbit property
Periodic orbits
Issue dateOct-2018
JournalNonlinear Analysis
Abstract(s)We prove that chaotic flows (i.e. flows that satisfy the shadowing property and have a dense subset of periodic orbits) satisfy a reparametrized gluing orbit property similar to the one introduced in [7]. In particular, these are strongly transitive in balls of uniform radius. We also prove that the shadowing property for a flow and a generic time-t map, and having a dense subset of periodic orbits hold for a C0-Baire generic subset of Lipschitz vector fields, that generate continuous flows. Similar results also hold for C0-generic homeomorphisms and, in particular, we deduce that chain recurrent classes of C0-generic homeomorphisms have the gluing orbit property.
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