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TitleRobust persistent activity in neural fields with asymmetric connectivity
Author(s)Horta, Cláudia
Erlhagen, Wolfram
KeywordsNeural field
Working memory
Spatial orientation
Issue dateJun-2006
PublisherElsevier Science
Citation"Neurocomputing". ISSN 0925-2312. 69:10-12 (June 2006) 1141-1145.
Abstract(s)Modeling studies have shown that recurrent interactions within neural networks are capable of self-sustaining non-uniform activity profiles. These patterns are thought to be the neural basis of working memory. However, the lack of robustness challenge this view as already small deviations from the assumed interaction symmetry destroy the attractor state. Here we analyze attractor states of a neural field model composed of bistable neurons. We show the existence of self-stabilized patterns that robustly represent the cue position in the presence of a substantial asymmetry in the connection profile. Using approximation techniques we derive an explicit expression for a threshold value describing the transition to a traveling activity wave.
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AccessOpen access
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