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TitleNurses’ job satisfaction in long term care: the role of socio-demographic and professional variables
Author(s)Palha, Márcia
Macedo, Ana Paula
Simães, C.
KeywordsJob satisfaction
Long-term care
Personal satisfaction
Issue dateDec-2018
JournalInternational Journal of Nursing
CitationPalha, M., Macedo, A.P., & Simães, C. (2018). Nurses’ Job Satisfaction in Long Term Care: The Role of Socio-Demographic and Professional Variables. International Journal of Nursing, 5(2), 12-22. DOI: 10.15640/ijn.v5n2a2.
Abstract(s)Background: This study examined job satisfaction among nurses in long-term care units in order to analyze the role of sociodemographic and professional variables in this process. Methods: A cross sectional study of 48 nurses, working in long-term care units in Portugal, was conducted using a sociodemographic and professional questionnaire, and the Portuguese version of the Nurses Job Satisfaction Rating Scale (Ferreira & Loureiro, 2012). Data analysis was performed by using descriptive and inferential statistics. Results: The study included 48 participants with a mean age of 28.0±3.90. Most participants were female (81.2%), not married (62.5%), had the graduate level (62.5%), and less than 5 years of professional experience (81.3%). Nurses showed a positive overall satisfaction with work (M = 83.35), but a negative satisfaction with benefits/rewards (M = 14.52) and with promotion (M= 18.38). Satisfaction with promotion was influenced by educational attainment level and, satisfaction with benefits/rewards was influenced by nurses’ work schedule. Female nurses and those with a higher income, reported more satisfaction with communication, and nurses with more age exhibited greater satisfaction with the chief/boss. Conclusion: Work benefits, rewards and promotion constitute crucial factors that determine job satisfaction among nurses in long-term care. Nurses’ sociodemographic and professional characteristics must be considered by organizations in the promotion of positive work environments.
Publisher version 10.15640/ijn.v5n2a2
AccessOpen access
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