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TitleOn the roots of coquaternions
Author(s)Falcão, M. I.
Miranda, Fernando
Severino, Ricardo
Soares, M. J.
Polar form
Similarity class and quasi-similarity class of a coquaternion
Matrix equations
Issue date1-Nov-2018
JournalAdvances in Applied Clifford Algebras
Abstract(s)In this paper we give a complete characterization of the nth roots of a coquaternion q. In particular, we show that the number and type of roots-isolated and/or hyperboloidal-depend on the nature of q, on the parity of n and (eventually) on the sign of the real part of q. We also show how the coquaternionic formalism can be used to obtain, in a simple manner, explicit expressions for the real nth roots of any 2 x 2 real matrix.
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AccessOpen access
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