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TitleProduction of blueberry wine and volatile characterization of young and bottle-aging beverages
Author(s)Mendes-Ferreira, Ana
Coelho, Eduardo
Barbosa, Catarina
Oliveira, José Maria
Mendes-Faia, Arlete
Keywordsalcoholic fermentation
blueberry wine
volatile compounds
Issue dateFeb-2019
JournalFood Science and Nutrition
CitationMendes-Ferreira, Ana; Coelho, Eduardo; Barbosa, Catarina; Oliveira, José Maria; Mendes-Faia, Arlete, Production of blueberry wine and volatile characterization of young and bottle-aging beverages. Food Science & Nutrition, 7(2), 617-627, 2019
Abstract(s)The aim of this study was the production of blueberry wine and the characterization of the volatile compounds of fermented and aging in bottle products. Multivariate data analysis indicated similarity of volatile compounds released when fermentations were conducted at laboratoryscale and midscale, with the exception of one replicate creating a distinctive group characterized by low concentrations of acetaldehyde, methanol, 1hexanol, and ethyl hexanoate, and the production of polyalcohols such as 2,3butanediols. This experiment was the only one where no adjustments of YAN were performed. Some of the major volatile compounds (acetaldehyde, ethyl acetate, 2methyl1butanol, 3methyl1butanol, and 2phenylethanol) were found above their perception thresholds. Esters and terpenic compounds were the groups of volatiles expressed the most in blueberry wines, followed by volatile fatty acids, alcohols, and norisoprenoids (3hydroxy7,8dihydroionone, 3oxoionol, and 3hydroxy7,8dihydroionol). The wines that experienced bottleaging are characterized by high concentrations of ethyl esters, diethyl succinate, ethyl lactate, and diethyl malonate. The results contribute for deeper knowledge of the technological procedure, analytical characteristics, and volatile compounds of blueberry wines, reinforcing the interest in this beverage and opening perspectives for further studies on the production of new blueberrybased products with differential characteristics that value its nutraceutical and functional properties.
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