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TitleEducação emocional e formação em enfermagem: protocolo de revisão sistemática da literatura
Other titlesEmotional education and nurse training: a systematic review of the literature
Author(s)Gomes, Lisa
Cainé, João
Pereira, Rui Pedro Gomes
Macedo, Ana Paula
KeywordsEducação emocional
Formação em Enfermagem
Protocolo de revisão sistemática da literatura
Síntese de evidências
Issue date2019
Abstract(s)A inteligência emocional enquanto variável que determina a capacidade de reconhecer, compreender e expressar emoções e sentimentos é estruturante na conceção e implementação dos cuidados de enfermagem e da prática clínica. Pretendemos apresentar um protocolo de revisão sistemática da literatura relativamente às competências de educação emocional dos estudantes de enfermagem e o relevo que lhe é conferido na formação inicial em enfermagem.
The quality of nursing care is an imperative of contemporary health systems. In this context, it is pertinent to explore its relationship with emotional intelligence as a variable that determines the ability to recognize, understand and express emotions and feelings, dimensions that are structuring in the design and implementation of nursing care and clinical practice. Our purpose is to present a protocol of systematic literature review regarding the relevance of emotional intelligence in the professional practice of nurses. For this purpose, we will pres+O21ent the revision protocol according to the model proposed by the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI). In operational terms we describe: the issue of revision, its objectives and framework of the theme; the inclusion criteria including: types of participants, types of intervention and the phenomenon under study, types of results and study designs; search strategy in databases; evaluation of the methodological quality using the instruments available by the JBI according to the different types of selected studies; collection and selection of data; the synthesis of data and their presentation in a review report format including bibliographic references. The area of expertise in the methodology of evidence-based clinical practice is imperative for the provision of high-quality health care. Teaching and learning to improve the development of these skills, and in this case, the synthesis of evidence is essential to ensure competence. Considering these facts, we advocate multifaceted and clinically integrated approaches that take into account the practices and contexts in which professionals are inserted. Literature reviews allow the application of reproducible, valid and rigorous methods to aggregate knowledge, promoting the synthesis of studies regarding specific issues, in this case allowing to analyze the relationship between nurses’ clinical practice and emotional intelligence.
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