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TitleFunctional status among elderly dependents with pressure ulcers admitted at National Network of Integrated Continuous Care: a comparative study
Author(s)Petronilho, Fernando
Machado, Maria Manuela Pereira
Cainé, João
Magalhães, Ana Isabel
Castro, Ricardina Vieira
Coutinho, Cidália
Pereira, Rui Pedro Gomes
KeywordsFunctional status
Elderly dependents
Pressure ulcers
National Network of Integrated Continuous Care
Issue date2019
Abstract(s)Aim: Compare the functional status of elderly dependents related with the presence of pressure ulcers (PU) admitted at the National Network of Integrated Continuous Care (NNICC). Method: We develop a cross-sectional, descriptive and comparative study in several NNICC units in a Northern region of Portugal. The sample consisted 891 elderly dependents. For the survey purpose, we use a multiple functional dimension assessment questionnaire validate by the authors in previous studies. Results / Discussion: At the admission in the NNICC the prevalence of PU was 16% (143 cases). The results show that the elderly with PU comparatively to the elderly with absence of PU had: i) less age [t (889) = 1,978, p = .048], ii) less autonomy reconstruction potential [t (889) = -9,782, p < .001], iii) greater self-care dependency degree [t (889) = -9,170, p < .001], iv) longer periods of self-care dependency [t (889) = 4,867, p < .001], v) higher body functions commitment [t (889) = 17,599, p < .001], vi) more days of institutionalization at the NNICC [t (602) = 3,913, p < .001] and vii) more need to hospitalization due deterioration status [t( 602)= 3,576, p < .001]. Conclusion: Elderly dependents with PU demonstrate greater functional decline in the different dimensions evaluated on this study comparatively with the elderly without PU. The implementation of interventions by health professionals aiming to prevent PU is therefore essential for the elderly health gains and higher health related quality of life levels, with particular impact on the most dependents.
AccessOpen access
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