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TitleA review on biological processes for pharmaceuticals wastes abatement: a growing threat to modern society
Author(s)Costa, Filomena Cristina Pinto
Lago, Ana Elisa Marques
Rocha, Verónica
Barros, Óscar José Maciel
Costa, Lara Cardoso Pereira Batista
Vipotnik, Ziva
Silva, Bruna Andreia Nogueira Airosa
Tavares, T.
Issue date19-Jun-2019
PublisherAmerican Chemical Society
JournalEnvironmental Science & Technology
CitationCosta, Filomena; Lago, A.; Rocha, Verónica; Barros, Óscar; Costa, Lara; Vipotnik, Z.; Silva, Bruna; Tavares, Teresa, A review on biological processes for pharmaceuticals wastes abatementA growing threat to modern society. Environmental Science & Technology. Vol. 53(13), United States, American Chemical Society, 7185-7202, 2019.
Abstract(s)Over the last decades, the production and consumption of pharmaceuticals and health care products grew manifold, allowing an increase in life expectancy and a better life quality for humans and animals, in general. However, the growth in pharmaceuticals production and consumption comes with an increase in waste production, which creates a number of challenges as well as opportunities for the waste management industries. The conventional current technologies used to treat effluents have shown to be inefficient to remove or just to reduce the concentrations of these types of pollutants to the legal limits. The present review provides a thorough state-of-the-art overview on the use of biological processes in the rehabilitation of ecosystems contaminated with the pharmaceutical compounds most commonly detected in the environment and eventually more studied by the scientific community. Among the different biological processes, special attention is given to biosorption and biodegradation.
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