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TitleConfirmatory study of the multidimensional scales of perceived self-efficacy with children
Other titlesEstudio confirmatorio de las escalas multidimensionales de autoeficacia percibida con niños/as
Author(s)Oliveira, Íris Martins
Taveira, Maria do Céu
Porfeli, Erik J.
Grace, Randolph C.
Keywordscareer development
career self-efficacy
Multidimensional Scales of Perceived Self-Efficacy
Autoeficacia profesional
Desarrollo profesional
Escalas Multidimensionales de Autoeficacia Percibida
Issue date2018
PublisherPontificia Universidad Javeriana
JournalUniversitas Psychologica
CitationOliveira, I., Taveira, M.C., Porfeli, E. & Grace, R. (2018). Confirmatory Study of the Multidimensional Scales of Perceived Self-Efficacy with Children. Universitas Psychologica 17(4):1-12 DOI: 10.11144/Javeriana.upsy17-4.csms
Abstract(s)The social cognitive career theory suggests that the development of career self-efficacy expectations begins during the childhood period. TheMultidimensional Scales of Perceived Self-Efficacy (MSPSE) has been used to assess adolescents and adults’ career self-efficacy. This study extends this research by assessing the psychometric characteristics ofthe MSPSE with children. The MSPSE factorial structure, invariance, and concurrent validity were examined with data from 313 fifth- and sixth-grade girls and boys (M age = 10.8). Confirmatory factor analyses suggested a good fit of a hierarchical measurement model. Multi-group analyses suggested configurational and metric invariance across grade levels and across gender for the low-order factors. Still, variability in high-order factor loadings was found across gender. The MSPSE was positively correlated with career exploration and academic achievement. This study supports the use of the MSPSE with children, instills future research on children’s career self-efficacy, and advances practices promoting career preparedness.
AccessOpen access
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