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TitleGoa, o mundo e as artes nas caricaturas de Mário de Miranda
Other titlesGoa, the World and the Arts in the caricatures by Mário de Miranda
Author(s)Passos, Joana
KeywordsMário de Miranda, postcolonial studies, caricatures
Postcolonial studies
Issue date2013
Abstract(s)The articles discusses several aspects of Mário de Miranda's life long career, from his critical and perceptive take on the world, addressing serious social and cultural issues such as the relations between East and West, to the social aporias of the Western metropolis and cultural exchange and hibridity in Goa's heritage. Simultaneously, this research suggests his drawings reveal a continuous dialogue with other art forms, as architecture, literature, and, on a lighter note, Bollywood cinema. To conclude, the discussion offered in this paper represents Mário de Miranda as a cosmopolitan artist, a true globetrotter, with a particular ability to translate the meaning of his drawings across cultures, especially across East and West, while displaying a drawing technique that goes far beyond the strict techniques of caricature.
TypeBook part
AccessOpen access
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