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TitleEvidence based nursing practice: one exploratory study between different care settings
Author(s)Pereira, Rui Pedro Gomes
Martins, Maria Alice
Peixoto, Maria José
Martins, Teresa
Barbieri-Figueiredo, Maria do Céu
Vaz-Carneiro, António
KeywordsEvidence-based nursing
Cross-sectional study.
Issue date2014
PublisherElsevier Doyma
JournalAtención Primaria
CitationAten Primaria. 2014;46 (Espec Cong 1):52-53
Abstract(s)Currently, the importance of a clinical practice based on the best available evidence justifies the development of investigation to construct a situational diagnosis that allows to identify in different contexts of care, barriers, attitudes and practices towards an evidence-based nursing. In this investigation we aim to identify barriers regarding the adoption of an Evidence Based Practice (EBP) in different care settings and describe the main nurse’s attitudes and practices in relation to PBE.
AccessOpen access
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