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TitleTrade and exchange in the Southern Levant in the 13th Century BCE: a view from Tel Burna, a Town in the Shephelah, Israel
Author(s)Shai, Itzhaq
Sharp, Casey
Freitas, António José Gonçalves de
Cassuto, Deborah
McKinny, Chris
Editor(s)Cruz, Ana
Gibaja, Juan F.
KeywordsLate Bronze Age
Southern Levant
Issue date2018
PublisherBAR Publishing
Abstract(s)The excavations at Tel Burna (southern Israel) have exposed a large public building where cultic activity took place. The fi nds that were recovered in this complex include imported artifcats from the eastern Mediterranean. In this paper, we will present these fi nds and discuss how they refl ect trade and foreign connections with the eastern Mediterranean to the Southern Levant in the 13th century BCE, as well as their importance for understanding the local material culture and ritual activity.
TypeBook part
AccessRestricted access (Author)
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