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Title6.849,32 New Scientific Journal Articles Everyday: Visualize or Perish! - IViSSEM
Author(s)Baptista, Ana Alice
Branco, Pedro
Azevedo, Bruno
Oliveira e Sá, Jorge
Ribeiro, Ana Carolina Freitas
Malta, Mariana Curado
Issue date2020
CitationBaptista, A. A., Branco, P., Azevedo, B., Oliveira e Sá, J., Ribeiro, A. C. & Malta, M. C. (2020). 6.849,32 New Scientific Journal Articles Everyday: Visualize or Perish! - IViSSEM. 14th International Conference on Research Challenges in Information Science.
Abstract(s)Over 2.5 million scientific articles are published annually, totaling 6,849.32 per day in 2015; in 2018 this value was increased to over 3 million articles, totaling 8.219,18 per day [1]. Thus, finding the most relevant Research Outputs (ROs), such as articles, theses, patents, among others, is increasingly difficult due, in part, to the existing interfaces returning massive lists of results. The project aims to develop and test a platform that incorporates social data for capturing various usage metrics to define a new metric that we call Social Scholarly Experience Metrics (SSEM) and a new visualization technique that, jointly, will support the fast access to find relevant ROs.
AccessOpen access
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