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TitleCOVID-19-Nationalism and its toll on citizenship and mobility rights in the European Union
Author(s)Jerónimo, Patrícia
Human rights
Mobility rights
Issue date20-Apr-2020
CitationJerónimo, Patrícia, “COVID-19-Nationalism and its toll on citizenship and mobility rights in the European Union”, UNIO-EU Law Journal Blog, 20 de abril de 2020
Abstract(s)There is still much that we do not know about COVID-19, but by now it has become very clear that, far from being ‘the great equalizer,’ the disease is disproportionately impacting the poor and the most vulnerable (including racial and ethnic minorities), fuelling nationalist and xenophobic sentiments, and prompting a resurgence of borders and mobility restrictions all over the globe. The siege mentality that has been brewing under the threats of mass migration and terrorism is now at peak intensity, as States barricade themselves, adopt increasingly protectionist measures and compete against each other for medical supplies and personnel.
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