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dc.contributor.authorEdgar, S. Brianpor
dc.contributor.authorRamos, M. P. Machadopor
dc.description.abstractWe demonstrate an integration procedure for the generalised invariant formalism by obtaining a subclass of conformally flat pure radiation spacetimes with a negative cosmological constant. The method used is a development of the methods used earlier for pure radiation spacetimes of Petrov types O and N respectively. This subclass of spacetimes turns out to have one degree of isotropy freedom, so in this paper we have extended the integration procedure for the generalised invariant formalism to spacetimes with isotropy freedom,por
dc.description.sponsorshipSBE wishes to thank Officina Mathematica for supporting a visit to Universidade do Minhoand the Department of Mathematics for Science and Technology for their hospitality. MPMRwishes to thank Vetenskapsr ̊adet (Swedish Research Council) for supporting a visit to Link ̈opingsuniversitet and the Mathematics Department for their hospitality. SBE wishes to thankStiftelsen G S Magnusons fond, K.V.A. (The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences) for supportto attend the Spanish General Relativity Meeting (ERE 2006) in Mallorca.por
dc.publisherIOP Publishingpor
dc.titleUsing the generalised invariant formalism: a class of conformally flat pure radiation metrics with a negative cosmological constantpor
sdum.journalJournal of Physics: Conference Seriespor
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