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TitlePolymer-assisted biocatalysis: polyamide 4 microparticles as promising carriers of enzymatic function
Author(s)Dencheva, Nadya
Braz, Joana
Scheibel, Dieter
Malfois, Marc
Denchev, Z.
Gitsov, Ivan
polyamide 4
enzyme immobilization
magnetic enzyme supports
enzyme decolorization
Issue date2020
PublisherMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
CitationDencheva, N.; Braz, J.; Scheibel, D.; Malfois, M.; Denchev, Z.; Gitsov, I. Polymer-Assisted Biocatalysis: Polyamide 4 Microparticles as Promising Carriers of Enzymatic Function. Catalysts 2020, 10, 767.
Abstract(s)This study reports a new strategy for enzyme immobilization based on passive immobilization in neat and magnetically responsive polyamide 4 (PA4) highly porous particles. The microsized particulate supports were synthesized by low-temperature activated anionic ring-opening polymerization. The enzyme of choice was laccase from <i>Trametes versicolor</i> and was immobilized by either adsorption on prefabricated PA4 microparticles (PA4@iL) or by physical in situ entrapment during the PA4 synthesis (PA4@eL). The surface topography of all PA4 particulate supports and laccase conjugates, as well as their chemical and physical structure, were studied by microscopic, spectral, thermal, and synchrotron WAXS/SAXS methods. The laccase content and activity in each conjugate were determined by complementary spectral and enzyme activity measurements. PA4@eL samples displayed >93% enzyme retention after five incubation cycles in an aqueous medium, and the PA4@iL series retained ca. 60% of the laccase. The newly synthesized PA4-laccase complexes were successfully used in dyestuff decolorization aiming at potential applications in effluent remediation. All of them displayed excellent decolorization of positively charged dyestuffs reaching ~100% in 15 min. With negative dyes after 24 h the decolorization reached 55% for PA4@iL and 85% for PA4@eL. A second consecutive decolorization test revealed only a 5–10% decrease in effectiveness indicating the reusability potential of the laccase-PA4 conjugates.
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