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TitleTechPaper - An interactive learning information system game
Author(s)Portela, Filipe
Correia, José
Ferreira, Bruno
Ribeiro, Tiago
Pinheiro, Carlos
Costa, Vitor
Lameiras, Filipe
Santos, Manuel
Scavenger Hunt
Issue date2018
Abstract(s)Nowadays, the presence of technologies in people’s daily life is constantly increasing and, consequently, accessing information is easier. Keeping this in mind and allying it to the need to captivate students attention to take advantage of activities and events, TechPaper game was created. The goal of this game is to stimulate the interest of the participants by being captivating, disruptive, innovative, and because it consisted of a set of fun challenges, very enriching (soft and hard skills) and practiced outdoors. The TechPaper was created entirely from scratch by students in articulation with a professor of the information systems department, with the purpose of including the game in the event (TSI.2.MARKET) and integrate all the participants of the event assigning them a role. This game consists of several challenges designed to test the knowledge of participants and compel them to work in teams with people of different ages, genres and profiles. A proof of concept of this game was deployed, and the results are motivating. Considering all the opinions, we can conclude that the implementation of this game was a success at all levels and that it has the capability to be implemented and played in other realities, events, scenarios or institutions.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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