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TitleStationary splitting iterative methods for the matrix equation AX B = C
Author(s)Liu, Zhongyun
Li, Zhen
Ferreira, Carla
Zhang, Yulin
KeywordsHermitian positive definite
Stationary splitting iteration
Induced splitting
Curves fitting
Issue date2020
JournalApplied Mathematics and Computation
Abstract(s)Stationary splitting iterative methods for solving AXB = Care considered in this paper. The main tool to derive our new method is the induced splitting of a given nonsingular matrix A = M −N by a matrix H such that (I −H) invertible. Convergence properties of the proposed method are discussed and numerical experiments are presented to illustrate its computational efficiency and the effectiveness of some preconditioned variants. In particular, for certain surface fitting applications, our method is much more efficient than the progressive iterative approximation (PIA), a conventional iterative method often used in computer-aided geometric design (CAGD).
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