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TitleEvaluation of push and pull communication models on a VANET with virtual traffic lights
Author(s)Gama, Óscar Sílvio Marques Almeida
Santos, Alexandre
Costa, António
Nicolau, Maria João
Dias, Bruno
Macedo, Joaquim
Ribeiro, Bruno Daniel Mestre Viana
Gonçalves, Fábio Raul Costa
Simoes, Joao
Vehicular ad hoc networking
Vehicular named data networking
Virtual traffic lights
Vulnerable road user
Issue date2020
CitationGama, O.; Santos, A.; Costa, A.; Nicolau, M.J.; Dias, B.; Macedo, J.; Ribeiro, B.; Goncalves, F.; Simoes, J. Evaluation of Push and Pull Communication Models on a VANET with Virtual Traffic Lights. Information 2020, 11, 510. DOI: 10.3390/info11110510
Abstract(s)It is expected in a near future that safety applications based on vehicle-to-everything communications will be a common reality in the traffic roads. This technology will contribute to improve the safety of vulnerable road users, for example, with the use of virtual traffic light systems (VTLS) in the intersections. This work implements and evaluates a VTLS conceived to help the pedestrians pass safely the intersections without real traffic lights. The simulated VTLS scenario used two distinct communication paradigms—the pull and push communication models. The pull model was implemented in named data networking (NDN), because NDN uses natively a pull-based communication model, where consumers send requests to pull the contents from the provider. A distinct approach is followed by the push-based model, where consumers subscribe previously the information, and then the producers distribute the available information to those consumers. Comparing the performance of the push and pull models on a VANET with VTLS, it is observed that the push mode presents lower packet loss and generates fewer packets, and consequently occupies less bandwidth, than the pull mode. In fact, for the considered metrics, the VTLS implemented with the pull mode presents no advantage when compared with the push mode.
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