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TitleTeacher resilience in adverse contexts: issues of professionalism and professional identity
Author(s)Flores, Maria Assunção
Editor(s)Wosnitza, Wosnitza
Peixoto, Francisco
Beltman, Susan
Mansfield, Caroline F.
Issue date2018
PublisherSpringer International Publishing AG
CitationFlores, M. A. (2018) Teacher resilience in adverse contexts: issues of professionalism and professional identity, in M. Wosnitza, F. Peixoto, S. Beltman & C. F. Mansfield (Eds). Resilience in Education. Concepts, Contexts and Connections. Cham: Springer, pp. 167-184
Abstract(s)Teacher resilience is a construct that is relative, developmental and dynamic; it is socially constructed and depends on personal and professional dispositions. Issues of commitment, professionalism, and professional identity, for instance, need to be taken into account if teacher resilience is to be fully understood. In this chapter I draw upon a larger piece of research aimed at investigating teachers’ work and lives in challenging circumstances. Data were collected through a national survey (n=2702 teachers), focus group (n=99 teachers) and interviews to 11 school principals. Findings suggest the connection between teacher commitment and resilience which are associated with issues of school culture and leadership, a sense of vocation, and teachers’ beliefs and professional values. Factors and sources of teacher motivation and resilience are also identified within a context marked by teacher intensification, lack of trust, worsening of teaching conditions, lower social and economic status and legislative “tsunami”. The chapter ends with the discussion of the importance of relationships in the teaching profession and issues of motivation and professionalism which entails given ways of being and feeling as a teacher.
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