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TitleIn‐process rheological monitoring of extrusion‐based polymer processes
Author(s)Hilliou, L.
Covas, J. A.
KeywordsIn-line monitoring
On-line monitoring
Melt rheology
Reactive extrusion
Issue date2021
PublisherSociety of Industrial Chemistry
JournalPolymer International
Abstract(s)Since rheology is very sensitive to the structure and macromolecular conformation of polymer systems, rheological measurements performed in-situ during extrusion are attractive for monitoring the process. After introducing the concepts of in-process monitoring during extrusion operations, the benefits of rheology for assessing filler dispersion in polymer composites, morphology development in polymer blends, or extent of chemical reaction in reactive extrusion, are briefly reviewed. Then, in-process rheological tools are reviewed. For each device, the information conveyed is detailed.
Description"Published online: 8 September 2020"
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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