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TitleE-Debitum: managing software energy debt
Author(s)Maia, Daniel Fernandes Veiga
Couto, Marco
Saraiva, João
Pereira, Rui
KeywordsGreen software
Energy debt
Code analysis
Issue date25-Sep-2020
Abstract(s)This paper extends previous work on the concept of a new software energy metric: Energy Debt. This metric is a reflection on the implied cost, in terms of energy consumption over time, of choosing an energy flawed software implementation over a more robust and efficient, yet time consuming, approach. This paper presents the implementation a SonarQube tool called E-Debitum which calculates the energy debt of Android applications throughout their versions. This plugin uses a robust, well defined, and extendable smell catalogue based on current green software literature, with each smell defining the potential energy savings. To conclude, an experimental validation of E-Debitum was executed on 3 popular Android applications with various releases, showing how their energy debt fluctuated throughout releases.
TypeConference paper
Description35th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering Workshops (ASEW ’20) - International Workshop on Sustainable Software Engineering (SUSTAIN-SE)
AccessOpen access
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