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TitleAssembly workstation and installation method thereof
Author(s)Brito, A. M.
Correia, Pedro Miguel Cerqueira
Freitas, Luís Miguel Capela Pereira Leite
Pimentel, Anthony Michael Fernandes
Noversa, João Tiago Gomes
Nunes, J. P.
Alves, Tiago Samuel Freitas
Fernandes, André
Silva, Rui
Sousa, Carlos Reinaldo
Issue date23-Jan-2020
PublisherWorld Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
CitationBrito, A. M., Correia, P., Freitas, L. M., Pimentel, A., Noversa, J. T., Nunes, J. P., Alves, T., Fernandes, A., Silva, R., Sousa, C. R., Assembly Workstation and Installation Method Thereof, Patente Internacional WO 2020/016633 A1 submetida a 18 julho 2018, publicação internacional a 23 janeiro 2020
Abstract(s)Assembly workstation for assembling products by a person, comprising a lower workbench base nest and an upper workbench mask nest, wherein the base nest and mask nest define an assembly jig for said products; a support frame; a vertically displaceable platform for receiving said base nest; and an actuator attached to the support frame and attached to the platform for creating vertical displacement of said platform; wherein said lower workbench base nest is arranged onto said platform and said upper workbench mask nest is pivotably coupled to said support frame for rotating about a transversal horizontal axis. The assembly workstation of the present disclosure is a universal, ergonomic assembly workstation using modular additivemanufacturing tools.
AccessOpen access
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