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TitleRecent advances in fiber-hydrogel composites for wound healing and drug delivery systems
Author(s)Teixeira, Marta O.
Antunes, Joana Isabel Costa
Felgueiras, Helena Prado
KeywordsFiber–hydrogel composite
Biodegradable polymers
Skin regeneration
Drug delivery platforms
Controlled release
hydrogel composite
Issue date2021
Abstract(s)In the last decades, much research has been done to fasten wound healing and target-direct drug delivery. Hydrogel-based scaffolds have been a recurrent solution in both cases, with some reaching already the market, even though their mechanical stability remains a challenge. To overcome this limitation, reinforcement of hydrogels with fibers has been explored. The structural resemblance of fiber–hydrogel composites to natural tissues has been a driving force for the optimization and exploration of these systems in biomedicine. Indeed, the combination of hydrogel-forming techniques and fiber spinning approaches has been crucial in the development of scaffolding systems with improved mechanical strength and medicinal properties. In this review, a comprehensive overview of the recently developed fiber–hydrogel composite strategies for wound healing and drug delivery is provided. The methodologies employed in fiber and hydrogel formation are also highlighted, together with the most compatible polymer combinations, as well as drug incorporation approaches creating stimuli-sensitive and triggered drug release towards an enhanced host response.
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AccessOpen access
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