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TitleCo-design of designers and artisans, valorisation and communication of the partnership - a reflection for sustainable fashion design
Author(s)Barcellos, Ligia Ferreira
Broega, A. C.
Designer and artisan partnership
Issue date31-Oct-2018
PublisherDesign Research Society
CitationBarcellos, L.F.; Broega, A.C.; Co-Design of Designers and Artisans, Valorisation and Communication of the Partnership - a reflection for Sustainable Fashion Design; 6th edition of the Global Fashion Conference; Centre for Sustainable Fashion; University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion; 31st October -1st November 2018, London, UK.
Abstract(s)Inserted in this movement of ethical responsibility, valorization of culture, as well as the positive impact generated for society as we craved, this paper proposes to reflect on the partnership between designers and artisans in the development of the fashion product, considering that in most cases the role of the artisan in the works of co-design is perceived as secondary in relation to the designer. Therefore, the objective of this work is to promote the valorization of the artisan's work, in a meritocratic way, exposing the problem of co-authorship of design products and how these can be communicated in a transparent and fairway. For this, the methodology of the case study was used to present examples of co-design partnerships in the creation of design products, in which the artisan has the same protagonism of the designer in the co-authorship of the product. The fashion designer in a similar way should consider developing collections that are committed to the environment and to social development, contributing to better promotion of social responsibility and the valorization of local communities.
TypeConference paper
Publisher version
AccessOpen access
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