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TitleBio-inspired deposition of electrochemically exfoliated graphene layers for electrical resistance heating applications
Author(s)Utech, Toni
Pötschke, Petra
Simon, Frank
Janke, Andreas
Kettner, Hannes
Paiva, M. C.
Zimmerer, Cordelia
Keywordselectrochemically exfoliated graphene
electrical conductivity
surface resistance
dopamine, poly(dopamine)
Issue date2020
PublisherIOP Publishing Ltd
JournalNano Express
CitationUtech, T., Pötschke, P., Simon, F., Janke, A., Kettner, H., Paiva, M., & Zimmerer, C. (2020). Bio-inspired deposition of electrochemically exfoliated graphene layers for electrical resistance heating applications. Nano Express, 1(3), 030032. doi: 10.1088/2632-959x/abce05
Abstract(s)Electrochemically exfoliated graphene (eeG)layers possess a variety of potential applications, e.g. as susceptor material for contactless induction heating in dynamic electro-magnetic fields, and as flexible and transparent electrode or resistivity heating elements. Spray coating of eeG dispersions was investigated in detail as a simple and fast method to deposit both, thin conducting layers and ring structures on polycarbonate substrates. The spray coating process was examined by systematic variation of dispersion concentration and volume applied to heated substrates. Properties of the obtained layers were characterized by UV-VIS spectroscopy, SEM and Confocal Scanning Microscopy. Electrical conductivity of eeG ring structures was measured using micro-four-point measurements. Modification of eeG with poly(dopamine) and post-thermal treatment yields in the reduction of the oxidized graphene proportion, an increase in electrical conductivity, and mechanical stabilization of the deposited thin layers. The chemical composition of modified eeG layer was analyzed via x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy pointing to the reductive behavior of poly(dopamine). Application oriented experiments demonstrate the direct electric current heating (Joule-Heating) effect of spray-coated eeG layers.
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