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TitlePortuguese wild grapevine genome re-sequencing (Vitis vinifera sylvestris)
Author(s)Ramos, Miguel J. N.
Coito, João L.
Faísca-Silva, David
Cunha, Jorge
Costa, Maria Manuela Ribeiro
Amâncio, Sara
Rocheta, Margarida
Frameshift Mutation
Gene Expression Regulation, Plant
Plant Proteins
RNA Editing
Whole Genome Sequencing
Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide
Issue date2020
PublisherNature Research
JournalScientific Reports
CitationRamos, M.J.N., Coito, J.L., Faísca-Silva, D. et al. Portuguese wild grapevine genome re-sequencing (Vitis vinifera sylvestris). Sci Rep 10, 18993 (2020).
Abstract(s)The first genome of Vitis vinifera vinifera (PN40024), published in 2007, boosted grapevine related studies. While this reference genome is a suitable tool for the overall studies in the field, it lacks the ability to unveil changes accumulated during V. v. vinifera domestication. The subspecies V. v. sylvestris preserves wild characteristics, making it a good material to provide insights into V. v. vinifera domestication. The difference in the reproductive strategy between both subspecies is one of the characteristics that set them apart. While V. v. vinifera flowers are hermaphrodite, V. v. sylvestris is mostly dioecious. In this paper, we compare the re-sequencing of the genomes from a male and a female individual of the wild sylvestris, against the reference vinifera genome (PN40024). Variant analysis reveals a low number but with high impact modifications in coding regions, essentially non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms and frame shifts caused by insertions and deletions. The sex-locus was manually inspected, and the results obtained are in line with the most recent works related with wild grapevine sex. In this paper we also describe for the first time RNA editing in transcripts of 14 genes in the sex-determining region, including VviYABBY and VviPLATZ.
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AccessOpen access
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