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TitleEvaluation of active heat sinks design under forced convection—effect of geometric and boundary parameters
Author(s)Silva, Eva C.
Sampaio, Álvaro M.
Pontes, A. J.
Keywordsheat sink
computational fluid dynamics
ANSYS Fluent
additive manufacturing
lattice structures
design of experiments
Issue dateApr-2021
PublisherMultidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
CitationSilva, E.C.; Sampaio, Á.M.; Pontes, A.J. Evaluation of Active Heat Sinks Design under Forced Convection—Effect of Geometric and Boundary Parameters. Materials 2021, 14, 2041.
Abstract(s)This study shows the performance of heat sinks (HS) with different designs under forced convection, varying geometric and boundary parameters, via computational fluid dynamics simulations. Initially, a complete and detailed analysis of the thermal performance of various conventional HS designs was taken. Afterwards, HS designs were modified following some additive manufacturing approaches. The HS performance was compared by measuring their temperatures and pressure drop after 15 s. Smaller diameters/thicknesses and larger fins/pins spacing provided better results. For fins HS, the use of radial fins, with an inverted trapezoidal shape and with larger holes was advantageous. Regarding pins HS, the best option contemplated circular pins in combination with frontal holes in their structure. Additionally, lattice HS, only possible to be produced by additive manufacturing, was also studied. Lower temperatures were obtained with a hexagon unit cell. Lastly, a comparison between the best HS in each category showed a lower thermal resistance for lattice HS. Despite the increase of at least 38% in pressure drop, a consequence of its frontal area, the temperature was 26% and 56% lower when compared to conventional pins and fins HS, respectively, and 9% and 28% lower when compared to the best pins and best fins of this study.
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