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TitleDesign attributes for the development of digital solutions: an exploratory study from the perspective of professionals connected to digital transformation
Author(s)Alexandre, Rosana
Faria, Ana Paula
Providencia, B
KeywordsDigital transformation
Sentence completion
Design attributes
Issue date2022
JournalSpringer Series in Design and Innovation
CitationAlexandre, R., Faria, A. P., & Providência, B. (2021, November). Design Attributes for the Development of Digital Solutions: An Exploratory Study from the Perspective of Professionals Connected to Digital Transformation. In International Conference on Design and Digital Communication (pp. 287-295). Springer, Cham.
Abstract(s)Digital technology plays a significant role in everyday life, being increasingly integrated at home, work and leisure activities. Its pervasiveness has been changing consumption habits and social interactions. As a result, the number of digital platforms and services grew exponentially and it is expected to continue to expand in future years. In a world that offers a wide range of digital products to people, it is crucial to develop meaningful products. Taking this into account, it seems important to focus on understanding which attributes should be considered in the development process of digital platforms and services to work towards optimal solutions for society. A sentence completion task was employed to uncover the motivations, emotions and beliefs of a small sample of individuals who work for a Digital Transformation company. The results highlighted the significance of content, usability, aesthetics, customization and trust. Furthermore, a reflection on the themes suggests that usability is foundational, that content and aesthetics arouse interest and customization elicits positive reactions. Remarkably, it was found that a lack of trust causes discomfort and may negatively impact the use of digital solutions.
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