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TitleGluing orbit property and partial hyperbolicity
Author(s)Bomfim, Thiago
Torres, M. J.
Varandas, Paulo
KeywordsGluing orbit property
Partial hyperbolicity
Issue date2021
JournalJournal of Differential Equations
Abstract(s)This article is a follow up of our recent works [7, 8], and here we discuss the relation between the gluing orbit property and partial hyperbolicity. First we prove that a partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism with two saddles with different index, and such that the stable manifold of one of these saddles coincides with the strongly stable leaf does not satisfy the gluing orbit property. In particular, the examples of C 1 -robustly transitive diffeomorphisms introduced by Man˜e [ ´ 20] do not satisfy the gluing orbit property. We also construct some families of partially hyperbolic skew-products satisfying the gluing orbit property and derive some estimates on their quantitative recurrence.
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AccessOpen access
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