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TitleCarrots and sticks: some ideas on how to create a successful institutional repository
Author(s)Ferreira, Miguel
Rodrigues, Eloy
Baptista, Ana Alice
Saraiva, Ricardo
KeywordsInstitutional repository
Adoption issues
Issue date2008
PublisherCorporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI)
JournalD-Lib Magazine
CitationFerreira, Miguel, Rodrigues, Eloy, Baptista, Ana Alice, & Saraiva, Ricardo (2008, January). Carrots and sticks: some ideas on how to create a successful institutional repository. D-Lib Magazine. CNRI.
Abstract(s)In this article, we tackle the ubiquitous problems of slow adoption and low deposit rates often seen in recently created institutional repositories. The article begins with a brief description of the implementation process of RepositoriUM, the institutional repository of the University of Minho, and moves on to thoroughly describe the set of activities included in a strategic plan specially designed to undertake the previously outlined problems. Among those activities are the development of an adequate promotional plan, development of value-added services for authors, engagement in the international community and definition of a self-archiving mandate policy. The article also provides some figures on the results of the strategic plan and explores future initiatives being devised to further increase the adoption of the repository.
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AccessOpen access
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