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TitleAssessment of job satisfaction for designing career management interventions
Author(s)Taveira, Maria do Céu
Araújo, Alexandra Maria Dantas de Castro
Silva, Ana Daniela
Fernandes, Ilda
Faria, Liliana
Loureiro, Nazaré
Carvalho, Sara
Pinto, Joana Carneiro
Sousa, Sofia
Cunha, Fernando
Issue date2007
CitationIAEVG INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE GENERAL ASSEMBLY, Padova, Italy 2007 – “Guidance and diversity : research and applications”. [Padova : University of Padova, 2007].
Abstract(s)According to recent suggestions in the career literature (Frietzsche & Parrish, 2005; Savickas, 2002), this study aims at exploring the advantages for career management, of a job-satisfaction comprehensive assessment plan. For measurement purposes it has been used: (i) the Revised Neo-Personality Inventory (NEOPI-R; Costa & Crae, 1992; Lima, 1997) and the 23 Stress Vulnerability Questionnaire (23QVS; Serra, 2004), to assess personality traits and affective dispositions; (ii) the Multi-Moti Scale (MMS; Ferreira, Diogo, Ferreira & Valente, 2006) to assess facet job satisfaction; (iii) and two job-life story episodes, to analyse thematic clusters in job-satisfaction/dissatisfaction narratives (Cunha & Alves, 2004; McAdams, 1985, 2002). This measurement plan was administered to the workers of a public services company, in the north-west of Portugal (N= 57; 33men and 24 women; with age ranging from 19-61 years old, with Mage= 42,1, SDage=10, 06). The referred company requested the services to the local main University. Accordingly, four psychologists of University of Minho Career Counselling Centre administered the work satisfaction battery personally, to each worker, at the company setting. A final report of the results was elaborated and offered to administration and workers. Cluster analysis results (K-Mean clustering) identified three distinct groups of workers, according to their sex, age, personality dispositions, affective states toward job and work, and salience of Agency and Communion related with job satisfaction/dissatisfaction narratives. Implications for career management practices are outlined.
AccessOpen access
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