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TitleRoger Scruton, On human nature. Princeton: Princeton University press, 2017, 151 pp., $22.90 (hardcover).
Author(s)Colen, José Augusto Guterres Barbosa
KeywordsRoger Scrutton
Human Nature
Issue date2017
PublisherBaylor University. Department of Political Science
Abstract(s)[Excerpt] On Human Nature is not Roger Scruton’s most profound philosophical book, which would probably be either Sexual Desire: A Moral Philosophy of the Erotic (1986), largely ignored in academia, or the more recent The Soul of the Word (2016). But On Human Nature is certainly Scruton’s most beautiful piece. It is a short book, at merely 144 small pages, based on a series of lectures he gave in the fall of 2103 at Princeton.
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AccessOpen access
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