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TitlePaper-based biosensors for cancer diagnostics
Author(s)Pereira, Ana Cláudia Santos
Parolo, Claudio
Idili, Andrea
Gomis, Roger R.
Rodrigues, L. R.
Sales, M. G. F.
Merkoçi, Arben
Keywordspaper-based sensors
cancer screening
early diagnosis
point-of-care diagnostics
Issue dateJun-2022
JournalTrends in Chemistry
CitationPereira, Ana Cláudia; Parolo, Claudio; Idili, Andrea; Gomis, Roger R.; Rodrigues, Lígia R.; Sales, M. G. F.; Merkoçi, Arben, Paper-based biosensors for cancer diagnostics. Trends in Chemistry, 4(6), 554-567, 2022
Abstract(s)The implementation of a wide diagnostic campaign to diagnose cancer early could save millions of lives and billions of dollars every year. Unfortunately, cancer diagnosis is extremely complicated and current approaches rely on the use of expensive equipment and specialized personnel, which hamper their deployment in low- and middle-income settings. Here, we analyze the technical challenges that must be overcome to achieve precise cancer diagnostics and we describe how such hurdles have limited the development of point-of-care (PoC) sensors. Then, we explain why we believe recent achievements in the field of paper-based sensors could allow their use as widely available sensing platforms for cancer detection. Finally, we present our vision of what should be done in order to make paper-based sensors widely used diagnostics platforms for cancer.
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