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TitleImpact of fresh olive leaves addition during the extraction of Arbequina virgin olive oils on the phenolic and volatile profiles
Author(s)Marx, Ítala M. G.
Casal, Susana
Rodrigues, Nuno
Cruz, Rebeca
Peres, Fátima
Veloso, Ana C. A.
Pereira, José A.
Peres, António M.
KeywordsAbencor system oil extraction
Lipoxygenase pathway
Secoiridoids biosynthetic pathway
Sensory evaluation
Issue date30-May-2022
JournalFood Chemistry
CitationMarx, Ítala M. G.; Casal, Susana; Rodrigues, Nuno; Cruz, Rebeca; Peres, Fátima; Veloso, Ana C. A.; Pereira, José A.; Peres, António M., Impact of fresh olive leaves addition during the extraction of Arbequina virgin olive oils on the phenolic and volatile profiles. Food Chemistry, 393(133327), 2022
Abstract(s)Leaves incorporation during the extraction of olive oils can enhance their chemical-sensory quality. Thus, leaves from cvs. Arbequina or Santulhana were added (1%, w/w) during the extraction of Arbequina oils using an Abencor system, being discussed the impacts on the phenolics and volatiles formation enzymatic pathways. Leaves addition contributed to a significant decrease (P-value < 0.05) of the contents of secoiridoids (11%), C6-aldehydes (16%), and ester compounds (22%). This could be tentatively related to a reduction of the enzymatic activity of secoiridoids biosynthesis and lipoxygenase pathways, promoted by the leaves' addition. Moreover, in the presence of leaves, the oils total contents of phenolics and volatiles were significantly reduced (7 and 17%, respectively). Contrary, the incorporation of leaves significantly increased (P-value < 0.05) the contents of C6-alcohols (+37%) and the intensities of the green fruity (+25%) and apple (+30%) sensations.
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