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TitleA fully implicit log-conformation tensor coupled algorithm for the solution of incompressible non-isothermal viscoelastic flows
Author(s)Fernandes, C.
Keywordsfully implicit coupled solver
viscoelastic flow
log-conformation tensor approach
non-isothermal effects
finite volume method
Issue date30-Sep-2022
CitationFernandes, C. A Fully Implicit Log-Conformation Tensor Coupled Algorithm for the Solution of Incompressible Non-Isothermal Viscoelastic Flows. Polymers 2022, 14, 4099.
Abstract(s)In this work, a block-coupled algorithm is presented, which can compute laminar, incompressible, non-isothermal, viscoelastic flow problems based on the log-conformation tensor approach. The inter-equation coupling of the incompressible Cauchy linear momentum and mass conservation equations is obtained in a procedure based on the Rhie–Chow interpolation. The divergence of the log-conformation tensor term in the linear momentum equations is implicitly discretized in this work. In addition, the velocity field is considered implicitly in the log-conformation tensor constitutive equations by expanding the advection, rotation and the rate of deformation terms with a Taylor series expansion truncated at the second-order error term. Finally, the advection and diffusion terms in the energy equation are also implicitly discretized. The mass, linear momentum, log-conformation tensor constitutive model and energy-discretized linear equations are joined into a block-matrix following a monolithic framework. Validation of the newly developed algorithm is performed for the non-isothermal viscoelastic matrix-based Oldroyd-B fluid flow in the axisymmetric 4:1 planar sudden contraction benchmark problem.
DOI10.3390/ polym14194099
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AccessOpen access
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