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TitleEnergy in the sustainable European construction sector
Author(s)Koukkari, Heli
Kuhnhenne, Markus
Bragança, L.
Issue date2007
CitationBRAGANÇA, L. [et al.], eds. – “Sustainability of construction integrated approach to life-time strutural engineering : proceedings of the first workshop, Lisboa, 2007”. [S.l.] : Multicomp, Lda, 2007. ISBN 978-989-20-0787-8. p. 0.23-0.34.
Abstract(s)Energy use in the construction sector consumes non-renewable resources and adds the greenhouse gases that are lhe main cause for the Climate Change. In the EU, the residencial and tertiary sector buildings consume roughly 40% of total final energy use. Together with environmental pressure, the import dependence calls for urgent measures to reduce energy demand, the consumption tends to increase, especially that of electricity. In order to turn the development, the EU is planning to set the objective of 30% reduction of the final energy use of buildings The Technologies needed in the construction sector are those that reduce the overall energy-consumption of buildings, especially during their operational time, and those that produce electricity and heat in cleaner ways. The alternatives to solve the serious problems should be search from integrated approaches including technical and structural systerns and potential of emerging technologies and new materials. Improvement of the energy-efficiency of buildings should be developed parallel with all aspects of environmentally, economically and socially sustainable construction sector. To the objectives, reliability of assessment and user-orientation of planning and design are of great importance.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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