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TitleIdentification of aspects, emotions and pleasure in the design process: A survey with Portuguese product designers
Author(s)Vieira, Daniel
Alexandre, Rosana
Faria, Ana Paula
Providencia, B
Portuguese designers
Product design
Issue date20-Oct-2022
PublisherSpringer Nature
CitationVieira, D., Alexandre, R., Faria, A. P., & Providência, B. (2022, October). Identification of aspects, emotions and Pleasure in the design process: A survey with Portuguese product designers. In Advances in fashion and design research: Proceedings of the 5th International fashion and design congress, CIMODE 2022, July 4-7, 2022, Guimarães, Portugal (pp. 771-778). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
Abstract(s)Although it has many definitions, design is related to shape things, the configuration of something. As a language, it uses signs and symbols to express itself. Thus, listening to designers about their creation processes becomes pertinent. This study counted with the participation of 23 product designers of particular relevance in the Portuguese landscape, who are part of the curatorship “Love at first sight”. Through a questionnaire it was possible to identify aspects and emotions that designers consider in the development of products, and a reflection was made on the impact of pleasure. The results reveal that “Practical,” “Simple,” “Emotional” and “Eco-friendly” are the most highlighted aspects by this group of professionals. Furthermore, it was concluded that it is important for designers to feel pleasure during the design process, without neglecting or excluding the user.
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