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TitleConstruction sites environment management : establishing measures to mitigate the noise and waste impact
Author(s)Couto, J. Pedro
Couto, Armanda Bastos
Issue date2007
PublisherIOS Press
CitationBRAGANÇA, Luis [et al.] – “Portugal SB’ 07 : sustainable construction, materials and practices : challenge of the construction for the New Millennium, Lisboa, Portugal, 2007.” Amsterdam : IOS Press, 2007. ISBN 978-1-58603-785-7. pt. 1. p. 56-62.
Abstract(s)In the last few years, the impact of construction industry on the environment has been increasingly recognized. Construction sites activities in urban areas may cause damage to the environment, interfering in the day to day of local residents, that frequently claim against dust, mud, noise, traffic delay, space reduction, materials or waste deposition in public space, etc. In a time that we see with pleasure improvements in construction process techniques, in materials innovation and in safety and healthy conditions, it is also necessary to take care of our environment. In this paper a review is made on the several inconveniences of construction impacts both on the sites and on the surroundings using literature and data from a survey carried out to National Association of Historical Centres. The impact analysis focus in detail the noise and waste impact. Forms to minimize these impacts are suggested.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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