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TitleCareer exploration in Mozambique: exploratory study with secondary students
Author(s)Ussene, Camilo
Taveira, Maria do Céu
KeywordsCareer exploration
Career interventions
Secondary education
Issue date2009
CitationSOUTH AFRICA PSYCHOLOGY CONGRESS, 15, Cape Town, South Africa, 2009 – “South Africa Psychology Congress”. [S.l. : s.n., 2009].
Abstract(s)This article is part of a larger research project on the evaluation of career intervention needs in Mozambique. It consists of an exploratory study of the career exploration process of Mozambican students attending the 12th grade. The results of the construct validity and clustering analyses of the responses to the Career Exploration Survey (CES; Stumpf, Colarelli, & Hartman, 1983) are discussed, in the light of the career exploration theory and empirical research, namely the cognitive-motivational approach of career exploration proposed by the CES original authors. Implications for the design of career interventions in Mozambican socio-cultural context are also drawn.
AccessOpen access
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