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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Sep-2003Adjustment in the management of the criminal justice system in Portugal and Western EuropeMendes, Silvia M.Conference paperOpen access
15-Jun-2022Analysing the relationship between immigrant status and the severity of offending behaviour in terms of individual and contextual factorsAlises, Gloria Fernandez-Pacheco; Torres-Jiménez, Mercedes; Martins, Paula Cristina, et al.ArticleOpen access
1997Análise económica do crime e o seu contributo para a definição de uma política penalMendes, Silvia M.Master thesis Open access
2004Certainty, severity, and their relative deterrent effects: questioning the implications of the role of risk in criminal deterrence policyMendes, Silvia M.ArticleOpen access
Apr-2001The changing face of the Portuguese parties: strategic innovation and the dimensionality of the party policy spaceMendes, Silvia M.; Camões, Pedro J.; McDonald, Michael D.Conference paperOpen access
2001Checking the party policy estimates : convergent validityMcDonald, Michael D.; Mendes, Silvia M.Book partOpen access
2005Corruption and political institutions in Portugal: an exploratory analysisMendes, Silvia M.; Camões, Pedro J.Conference paperOpen access
3-Sep-2015Cross-cultural adaptation and online administration format of self-report measures – methodological challenges and implicationsMartins, Paula Cristina; Mendes, Silvia M.; Fernandez-Pacheco, G.AbstractOpen access
2007Cross-temporal and cross-national comparisons of party left-right positionsMcDonald, Michael D.; Mendes, Silvia M.; Kim, MyungheeArticleOpen access
2002Declining Portuguese voter turnout: political apathy or methodological artifact?Mendes, Silvia M.; Camões, Pedro J.; McDonald, Michael D.ArticleOpen access
2016Delincuencia juvenil, moralidad y exclusión social: resultados preliminares del ISRD-3 en OportoFernández-Pacheco, Glória; Mendes, Silvia M.; Martins, Paula Cristina, et al.AbstractOpen access
13-Apr-2016Delinquência em Portugal – números, explicações e desafios à intervençãoMartins, Paula Cristina; Mendes, Silvia M.; Fernández-Pacheco, Glória, et al.AbstractOpen access
2000Der politikraum von parteiprogrammenMendes, Silvia M.; McDonald, Michael D.Book partOpen access
30-Nov-2006Deterrence theory in practiceMendes, Silvia M.Working paperOpen access
2002The developing party system in Portugal : a case applicationCamões, Pedro J.; Mendes, Silvia M.; McDonald, Michael D.Working paperOpen access
2002The dimensionality of the Portuguese party policy spaceCamões, Pedro J.; Mendes, Silvia M.; McDonald, Michael D.Working paperOpen access
2002Dynamics of left-right party positions : separating systematic movements from noiseMcDonald, Michael D.; Mendes, Silvia M.Working paperOpen access
2006e-government e outras políticas públicas para o fomento de participação públicaSantos, Simone; Mendes, Silvia M.; Amaral, LuísWorking paperOpen access
2004Endogenous economic voting: evidence from the 1997 British electionAnderson, Christopher J.; Mendes, Silvia M.; Tverdova, Yuliya V.ArticleOpen access
22-Sep-2016Evaluating delinquency policy interventions in PortugalMendes, Silvia M.; Martins, Paula CristinaAbstractOpen access