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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Oct-2018Bacterial cellulose nanofiber-based films incorporating gelatin hydrolysate from tilapia skin: production, characterization and cytotoxicity assessmentLima, Helder Levi Silva; Gonçalves, Catarina; Cerqueira, Miguel Ângelo, et al.ArticleOpen access
17-Jan-2020Biocompatibility evaluation of bacterial cellulose as a scaffold material for tissue-engineered corneal stromaZhang, Chen; Cao, Jingjie; Zhao, Shaozhen, et al.ArticleOpen access
2020Carbon based membranes with modified properties: thermal, morphological, mechanical and antimicrobialSilva Mónica, Mónica Alexandra Basto Almeida; Felgueiras, Helena Prado; Amorim, M. T. Pessoa deArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2014Cyclodextrin/cellulose hydrogel with gallic acid to prevent wound infectionPinho, Eva; Henriques, Mariana; Soares, Graça M. B.ArticleOpen access
17-Sep-2022Development of colorimetric cellulose-based test-strip for the rapid detection of antibodies against SARS-CoV2 virusCorreia, Bárbara; Sousa, Mariana; Sousa, Cristina, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2013Direct enzymatic esterification of cotton and Avicel with wild-type and engineered cutinasesMatamá, Maria Teresa; Casal, Margarida; Paulo, Artur CavacoArticleOpen access
20-May-2020Dry Bacterial Cellulose and Carboxymethyl Cellulose formulations with interfacial-active performance: processing conditions and redispersionMartins, Daniela; Ferreira, Domingos de Carvalho; Gama, F. M., et al.ArticleOpen access
Oct-2008The effect of agitation speed, enzyme loading and substrate concentration on enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose from brewer’s spent grainMussatto, Solange I.; Dragone, Giuliano; Fernandes, Marcela, et al.ArticleOpen access
1999Effect of cellulase adsorption on the surface and interfacial properties of celluloseDourado, Fernando; Mota, M.; Pala, H., et al.ArticleOpen access
Oct-2006Enzymatic removal of cellulose from cotton/polyester fabric blendsVasconcelos, Andreia; Paulo, Artur CavacoArticleOpen access
2015Erratum to: Thermal–mechanical behaviour of chitosan–cellulose derivative thermoreversible hydrogel filmsBarros, Sandra Maria Pinto Cerqueira; da Silva, A. A.; Costa, D. B., et al.CorrigendumRestricted access (UMinho)
Aug-2008Hydrogen peroxide bleaching of cellulose pulps obtained from brewer’s spent grainMussatto, Solange I.; Rocha, George J. M.; Roberto, Inês ConceiçãoArticleOpen access
2020Hydrophobic modification of bacterial cellulose using oxygen plasma treatment and chemical vapor depositionLeal, S.; Cristelo, C.; Silvestre, Sara, et al.ArticleOpen access
2021In-situ synthesis of CaO and SiO2 nanoparticles onto jute fabrics: exploring the multifunctionalityAraújo, Joana C.; Ferreira, Diana P.; Teixeira, Pilar, et al.ArticleOpen access
3-Mar-2020Incorporating graphene oxide into biomimetic nano-microfibrous cellulose scaffolds for enhanced breast cancer cell behaviorWan, Yizao; Lin, Zhonghong; Zhang, Quanchao, et al.ArticleOpen access
Oct-2006Large-scale production of cellulose-binding domains : adsorption studies using CBD-FITC conjugatesPinto, João Ricardo; Carvalho, Joana; Mota, M., et al.ArticleOpen access
Feb-2021Micro-structure and mechanical properties of microcrystalline cellulose-sisal fiber reinforced cementitious composites developed using cetyltrimethylammonium bromide as the dispersing agentSouza Filho, Aloysio; Parveen, Shama; Rana, Sohel, et al.ArticleOpen access
18-Aug-2021Microchannels in nano-submicro-fibrous cellulose scaffolds favor cell ingrowthYang, Zhiwei; Yu, Fang; Gan, Deqiang, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2015Modification of paper properties using carbohydrate-binding module 3 from the Clostridium thermocellum CipA scaffolding protein produced in Pichia pastoris: elucidation of the glycosylation effectOliveira, Carla Cristina Marques de; Sepúlveda, Goreti; Aguiar, Tatiana Quinta, et al.ArticleOpen access
17-May-2022Multifunctional natural fibers: the potential of core shell MgOSiO2 nanoparticlesAraújo, Joana C.; Teixeira, Pilar; Fangueiro, Raúl, et al.ArticleOpen access