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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Jun-2003Wage effects of motherhood: a double selection approachWetzels, Cécile; Zorlu, AslanWorking paperOpen access
2007Wealth shocks and risk aversionSousa, Ricardo M.Working paperOpen access
12-Jul-2011Wealth, labour income, stock returns and government bond yields, and financial stress in the euro areaSousa, Ricardo M.Working paperOpen access
2019What are the best quorum rules? A Laboratory InvestigationAguiar-Conraria, Luís; Magalhães, Pedro C.; Vanberg, Christoph A.Working paperOpen access
2012What determines the duration of a fiscal consolidation program?Agnello, Luca; Castro, Vítor; Sousa, Ricardo M.Working paperOpen access
Oct-2003What drives new firms into an industry? an integrative model of entryBarbosa, NatáliaWorking paperOpen access
2014What explains the short-term dynamics of the prices of CO2 emissions?Hammoudeh, Shawkat; Nguyen, Duc Khuong; Sousa, Ricardo M.Working paperOpen access
Dec-2011Who and how should participate in health care priority setting? evidence from a Portuguese surveyBotelho, Anabela; Pinho, Micaela Moreira; Veiga, Paula AlexandraWorking paperOpen access
Jun-2023Winners and losers of gatekeeper-induced consumer preference distortion in promoting personalized pricing by asymmetric firmsEsteves, Rosa Branca; Pasquier, Nicolas Robert SimonWorking paperOpen access
2002Winning, losing, and political trust across political generationsCamões, Pedro J.; Mendes, Silvia M.Working paperOpen access
2019Women on bank boards: evidence from gender quotas around the worldLiao, Rose C.; Loureiro, Gilberto; Taboada, Alvaro G.Working paperOpen access
2016Yes scotland versus better together: how did it all happen?Cortizas, Carlos Neira; Antunes, SandrinaWorking paperOpen access
2008Young employment, job-skill composition and minimum wages : evidence from a 'natural experiment'Cerejeira, JoãoWorking paperOpen access