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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
21-Dec-20121,3-dipolar cycloaddition of (2R,4aR,8aS)-2-phenyl-4,4a-dihydropyrano[3,2-d][1,3]dioxin-6(8aH)-one with aromatic diazomethyl compoundsRibeiro, António; Sousa, Cristina; Alves, M. José, et al.AbstractOpen access
Jul-20111,4,7,10-tetraazaciclododecane-1-(6-amino)hexanoic-4,7,10-triacetic acid: a new DOTA-based chelator for medical imagingFontes, André Filipe Gomes Soares; Ferreira, Paula M. T.; André, João P.AbstractOpen access
Nov-20121-Aryl-3-[4-(thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidin-4-yloxy)phenyl]ureas as VEGFR2 inhibitors: synthesis, docking enzymatic and cellular assaysPeixoto, Daniela; Calhelha, Ricardo C.; Soares, Pedro, et al.AbstractOpen access
20121-Aryl-3-[4-(thieno[3,2-d]pyrimidin-4-yloxy)phenyl]ureas as VEGFR2 tyrosine kinase inhibitors: synthesis, docking, studies, enzymatic and cellular assaysQueiroz, Maria João R. P.; Peixoto, Daniela; Soares, Pedro, et al.AbstractOpen access
Oct-2017Um 100 número de Scientiae em objetos do dia-a-diaAlmeida, M. J.; Forjaz, Maria Antónia; Almeida Aguiar, CristinaAbstractOpen access
1-Jan-201313C dynamic flux identification: S. cerevisiae cultivation under fast feast/famine conditionsSuarez-Mendez, C. A.; Sousa, AndréAbstractOpen access
Mar-201213C-based metabolic flux analysisCarreira, Rafael; Carneiro, S.; Villas-Bôas, S. G., et al.AbstractOpen access
20061774-1776: the plans for Vila Real de Santo António and Nova Goa: the (non) circulation of the cemetery modelOliveira, Maria ManuelAbstractOpen access
5-Aug-2012A 1H-NMR-based metabolomic analysis of propolis from Santa Catarina stateSomensi-Zeggio, A. R.; Tomazzoli, M. M.; Kobe, S. O., et al.AbstractOpen access
20112-Phenolic-purines: synthesis and antioxidant activityCarvalho, M. Alice; Correia, C.; Bettencourt, Ana Paula, et al.AbstractOpen access
20112D Bi-layer scaffolds of polycaprolactone and chitosan β-glycerol-based film for blood vessel constructsSzymczyk, Wojciech; Araújo, J. V.; Martins, Albino, et al.AbstractOpen access
Apr-2011A 2d in vivo approach to study photosynthesis in grape berryBreia, Richard; Vieira, S.; Silva, J. Marques da, et al.AbstractOpen access
Jun-20143D cellularity within the human knee meniscusCengiz, I. F.; Pereira, H.; Mendes, João Espregueira, et al.AbstractOpen access
Aug-20193D images and holography. A brief introductionCosta, Manuel F. M.AbstractOpen access
5-Sep-20223D Multi-Material Laser Powder Bed Fusion: a disruptive approach to design/manufacture unparalleled multi-functional solutionsBartolomeu, Flávio; Carvalho, O.; Pires, J., et al.AbstractOpen access
Mar-20223D Multi-Material-Selective-Laser-Melting: technology, fabrication and prototypesBartolomeu, Flávio; Pires, J.; Marques, A., et al.AbstractOpen access
20193D Thermo-hygro-mechanical approach for simulation of the cracking behaviour of a RC slab under the combined effects of applied loads and restrained shrinkageGomes, José Guimarães; Carvalho, Rui; Sousa, Carlos, et al.AbstractOpen access
20063D-Mappings using monogenic functionsMalonek, H. R.; Falcão, M. I.AbstractOpen access
11-Jun-20193D-printed functional cookies fortified with A. platensis: evaluation of its antioxidant potential and physicalchemical characterisationVieira, Marta V.; Oliveira, S. M.; Amado, I. R., et al.AbstractOpen access
20213D-scaffolds for bone replacementPereira, Helena Filipa Ribeiro Silva; Cengiz, I. F.; Maia, F. Raquel, et al.AbstractRestricted access (UMinho)