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TitleIdentification of the cell wall receptor for Candida nodaensis Killer toxin
Author(s)Silva, Sónia Carina
Aguiar, Cristina
Veríssimo, P.
Pires, E.
Lucas, Cândida
KeywordsCandida nodaensis
Killer toxin
Cell wall receptor
Issue date2004
Abstract(s)The biological action of the K toxins involves a first step in the killing process, which correspond to the adsorption the toxin to the cell wall of sensitive cells. Here we describe the work performed towards the identification of the cell wall receptor for the zymocin under this study. For this purpose, the main cell wall components of the sensitive yeast Pichia guilliermondii were extracted. These cell wall components and others commercial polymers were tested for its binding capacity to C. nodaensis K toxin. The results obtained pointed to glucan as the primary receptor for this K toxin.
DescriptionComunicação efectuada no XIV Congresso Nacional de Bioquímica em Vilamoura (Portugal), 2004.
AccessOpen access
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